We absolutely love this idea and believe that this will become a common event like WordCamp across the WordPress community. This event will be Johannesburg’s first do_action (of many) and will be an annual event.

I have no doubt that this event will be successful and highly supported by the WordPress Joburg Community.

do_action is a charity hackathon that uses WordPress to uplift local communities

do_action hackathons are community-organised events that are focused on using WordPress to give deserving charitable organisations their own online presence. Each do_action event includes participants from the local WordPress community coming together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local organisations in one day.

What is a ‘hackathon’?

A hackathon is an event, usually one day, where a community gets together to solve a problem and give back to their community. Sometimes, companies have internal hackathons for their developers and designers to come up with something new such as an application, website or mobile application in a really short time span. (i.e. one day)


How can I get involved with do_action Joburg 2017?

The best way to get involved with do_action Joburg 2017 will be to reach out to the WP and WooCommerce Joburg Group and the organizers will gladly let you know where you can help out.


I’m not a developer, would I be able to help out at do_action Joburg 2017?

Most certainly, do_action hackathon isn’t just for developers, but project managers, social media guru’s, content writers and designers!


I know of a non-profit that could benefit from this.

Great! Please could you or a representative apply on the do_action website here – http://doaction.org/event/joburg-2017/ (applying does not guarantee your NPO of choice will be selected as there are usually quite a few NPO’s that apply for this awesome package – the more “do_actioners” that apply to help means the more NPO’s will be helped. It’s a win-win)