WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

We've had our fair share of clients/potential clients ask us the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and it's a common question around the WordPress ecosystem.If you are unaware, WordPress offers two 'flavors' or types of WordPress systems and here is the difference between the two -WordPress.com overviewWordPress.com sites are great for hobbyists in my personal opinion. [...]

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Find out what WordPress theme a site is using

Whenever I stumble across a great looking site, the first thing I check is what technology is used to build this beautiful site. If it's built with WordPress, I then try and find out what WordPress theme the site is using (unless I am familiar with the look of the site). There is this useful website [...]

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Create a simple honeypot for an HTML form using PHP

Everyone hates spam and even though creating a honeypot for an html form may help it's not the 'be all and end all' of anti-spam and some bots may work around some honeypots but hopefully this example will help decrease your spam count. For the sake of this being such a quick and easy implementation, [...]

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Load JQuery snippet to your WordPress website

Loading a jQuery snippet to your WordPress site shouldn't be difficult and I noticed online that this type of tutorial didn't exist - maybe I'm just terrible at Google. This mini-tutorial will allow you to post JS or CSS to your WordPress website, the principle will stay the same. This type of method to adding [...]