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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

We've had our fair share of clients/potential clients ask us the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and it's a common question around the WordPress ecosystem.If you are unaware, WordPress offers two 'flavors' or types of WordPress systems and here is the difference between the two -WordPress.com overviewWordPress.com sites are great for hobbyists in my personal opinion. [...]

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Load JQuery snippet to your WordPress website

Loading a jQuery snippet to your WordPress site shouldn't be difficult and I noticed online that this type of tutorial didn't exist - maybe I'm just terrible at Google. This mini-tutorial will allow you to post JS or CSS to your WordPress website, the principle will stay the same. This type of method to adding [...]

Security tips for WordPress websites

This post will be a quick post covering some tips to increase security for WordPress websites. We deal with a multitude of websites that need their security increased or that have even been hacked. Only a couple of tips will be mentioned in this post, and it's not the 'be all and end all' [...]

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Backup WordPress the easy way with NiftyBackups

NiftyBackups is a free WordPress backup plugin which doesn't only backup WordPress for you, but has a list of features that it comes bundled with. Some of the features included in the free version: restore backups quickly and easily, runs quietly in the background, backup integrity and more!   Lets backup WordPress 1. Install NiftyBackups and [...]