With the way technology is shifting in today’s age, it is really a “no brainer” to have a website and create an online presence for yourself or your business.

Here are five reasons why you should get a website:


1. Instant credibility

A great looking website will add credibility instantly to your business and will tie in nicely on your business card and email signatures. Another important thing is to choose a right domain name for your company – which we will cover in another article on another day. When I refer to website, I refer to a self hosted website and not hosted by some website builder that is visible in your website URL (for example: www.mybusiness.builder.com).


2. Your information available 24/7 – 365

People of today want to access the required information they are looking for at the push of a button, instantly! Gone are the days of picking up the phone or reading an advertisement magazine to hopefully find a company that provides the service you are looking for (in some cases, depending on your target market this isn’t the case – I am generalizing here). Potential clients can access information about your product or service at their leisure, be it at 4 in the morning or even in a different timezone.


3. You are now able to reach 3 billion people

More than 3 billion people use the internet according to Time.com , your only limitations to turn 3 billion people or even 10% of the internet into your customer is restrictions on your product or services such as areas of service/delivery, gender, age and so on. Although you may not get the whole of the internet talking about your service or product, if done right you may impact your area or industry over your competitors if you get a healthy website generating traffic. (Again this will most likely be another post somewhere along our timeline)


4. Answer your customer questions

Remember when you had to phone a call center to get a company’s contact details you were looking for because you lost the piece of paper you wrote them down on? A huge pro factor for having a website is allowing your potential and existing customers to easily find your contact details or directions to your business. I can’t remember when last I called a company to get their details because I couldn’t find them online. Having clear FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and contact information will keep your customers happy. Again, this ties in with point 2, for customers to get their information instantly.


5. Build your customer database

Whenever a user fills out your contact form, purchases from your business online you are able to store those details to follow up with your customers to improve after-sales services and get insight to the way your target audience is moving. You will be able to easily see general information from your website such as gender, age, demographic details and so on. This way you may shift your website to talk to your most popular target market and improve on which pages are most popular on your website and target your efforts on those pages and areas of your site all thanks to collecting information from your customers and visitors of your site.

Hopefully this was helpful and sparked some ideas for people asking themselves, “is a website really worth it?” or “why should I even get a website if there are so many of them”.

If you would like to get in touch with us for an obligation free quotation to get a website, we will gladly assist you. If we aren’t a suitable fit for you, we will point you in the right direction. Let us know your thoughts and do not hesitate to ask us any questions!