WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

We've had our fair share of clients/potential clients ask us the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and it's a common question around the WordPress ecosystem.If you are unaware, WordPress offers two 'flavors' or types of WordPress systems and here is the difference between the two -WordPress.com overviewWordPress.com sites are great for hobbyists in my personal opinion. [...]

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What programming language should I learn?

The most frequent question we get asked is "what programming language should I learn?", closely followed by "Oh you're a programmer, can you hack stuff?". For the latter question, the answer is no... well possibly we could get the hang of it. Back to business - In order for you to learn the "right" [...]

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Security tips for WordPress websites

This post will be a quick post covering some tips to increase security for WordPress websites. We deal with a multitude of websites that need their security increased or that have even been hacked. Only a couple of tips will be mentioned in this post, and it's not the 'be all and end all' [...]

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Tips for working remotely

We have grown accustomed to working remotely over the past couple of years. With the tech industry forever changing and innovating not only the technology used but the working environment, a lot of companies strive off of working remotely like Automattic and other companies. Working remotely is fantastic and gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility, [...]

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Backup WordPress the easy way with NiftyBackups

NiftyBackups is a free WordPress backup plugin which doesn't only backup WordPress for you, but has a list of features that it comes bundled with. Some of the features included in the free version: restore backups quickly and easily, runs quietly in the background, backup integrity and more!   Lets backup WordPress 1. Install NiftyBackups and [...]