Choosing a great WordPress theme can be daunting. Hopefully this article will help guide you to choose a great theme and some of our recommended examples. Some of the same principles may apply when choosing a premium WordPress plugin.

How do I know if the WordPress theme I want will work for me?

Great thing with WordPress premium themes is that 99% of the time the theme will have a live demo. Now, this sometimes confuses some users. A theme demo is basically a demonstration of what the theme can do, such as the features of the theme, layouts and so forth. The demo of the theme is not identical to what your theme will be.

To choose a correct theme for your WordPress website will be as easy as thinking about where you may want to take your website in the future, an online store? Maybe I want to list properties for rent? . A lot of WordPress themes offers a multi-purpose design which means the theme can achieve a whole lot and you won’t need to worry about 3rd party plugins. So think of the ‘bigger’ picture when choosing a WordPress theme, or any piece of software really.

Choosing a WordPress theme

Choosing themes can be difficult, even from a developer’s perspective. Although, we do get used to using one theme over and over since we know the limitations of the theme and we can deploy a site a lot quicker as each theme layout and shortcodes differ.

The general rule of thumb when choosing a theme:

  • Who made it – check the author’s website
  • Number of downloads – this isn’t a must but it’s good to know how well the theme is doing. However, the above point will be more important because what if a popular theme developer just released the most amazing new theme you’ve ever come across?
  • Ratings and reviews – quickly glance over the number of reviews and review score of the theme. If the theme has more 1 star than 5 star reviews, maybe look at plan B.
  • Theme support – check how fast, and well their support team responds to queries. If you get stuck with something, you want to know that there is help easily available. If response times are longer than 1 week of the customers query.
  • Price – payment can be a big factor when purchasing a theme. Find a payment solution that fits your needs.

Follow these rules and you should be okay to pick a WordPress theme for your next website on your own!

Recommended themes

Avada – $60

Our website is built using Avada as we purchased our theme a couple of years ago. This theme has sold close to 300 000 copies on ThemeForest. Making it the most sold WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

Divi – $69

We’ve become acustomed to using Divi because of it’s pricing model of $69 per year (starting price) to use on as many sites as you would like. Divi’s frontend page builder allows you to design your website in real-time. No more needing to save your page and view your page, you build your site on the frontend of your site.

Layers  –  $49

Layers WP is great! It’s a free theme that is powerful and even more powerful when the Pro version is purchased. Layers WP leverages the WordPress customizer to help build beautiful website pages makes it easy for novices to create great looking websites.

Flatsome – $59

Flatsome is one of our most recent discoveries and we absolutely recommend it when it comes to creating a beautiful online store. This multipurpose theme is great if you’re wanting to start selling things online with WooCommerce.

I’m almost certain that these themes will bring out great new features in 2017 and we are excited to discover new themes that are still to be released in 2017! Let us know what theme you are fond of or even which themes that don’t work for you. Share your knowledge!

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