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Whenever I stumble across a great looking site, the first thing I check is what technology is used to build this beautiful site. If it’s built with WordPress, I then try and find out what WordPress theme the site is using (unless I am familiar with the look of the site).

There is this useful website that will help you find out what WordPress theme a site is using built by Satori Studio to find out What WordPress Theme a website is using by simply following this link. All you need to do is simply input the URL into the WordPress Theme Detector and it will return what WordPress theme a site is using in a clean and easy to understand layout which includes a direct link to the theme’s homepage. Neat!

What WordPress theme is that

As you can see in the example above, that we know this particular site is running off the Layers WP theme. However, sometimes this service fails and it cannot collect the relevant information and this is where some coding knowledge comes into play.

Simply view the existing site that you want to find out what WordPress theme it is using and open your console, to open your console you press ‘F12’ on and a smaller window will open, usually at the bottom of your screen. In this example, I will use Google Chrome but the principle will remain the same across browsers.

Ensure you have the ‘Elements’ tab selected and click in the area of code to make it active as we are going to search the web pages source code to find out what WordPress theme this site is using.

Once you’ve done the above steps, hit control + F for your search function and type in ‘themes’. Cycle through until you find something along the lines of wp-content/themes/some-name and where some-name is, it will be the actual WordPress theme so you may cross reference that in Google.

what wordpress theme

It’s that easy to find out what WordPress theme a site is using, however, you may need to dig deeper if someone has created a custom theme from an existing theme such as my-company-theme from Avada or Divi as an example.

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