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Create a simple honeypot for an HTML form using PHP

Everyone hates spam and even though creating a honeypot for an html form may help it's not the 'be all and end all' of anti-spam and some bots may work around some honeypots but hopefully this example will help decrease your spam count. For the sake of this being such a quick and easy implementation, [...]

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Load JQuery snippet to your WordPress website

Loading a jQuery snippet to your WordPress site shouldn't be difficult and I noticed online that this type of tutorial didn't exist - maybe I'm just terrible at Google. This mini-tutorial will allow you to post JS or CSS to your WordPress website, the principle will stay the same. This type of method to adding [...]

Changing text in WordPress using the gettext filter

I recently got a query about changing some text in our plugin (When Last Login) and this tutorial will show you exactly how to do this using the built in 'gettext' filter. We will be changing the word 'Never' to 'User has not logged in yet'. So first of all, I like to ensure [...]